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The Magic of Human Connection

Jessica Encell Coleman



Imagine what it would be like to find a deeper connection to the love, joy, confidence and divine spark that already resides within you...

How would it feel to have greater levels of play, connection, gratitude and celebration in your life?

What would it be like to feel free to be more fully yourself in the world?

There is magic all around us, waiting to be activated.

Learn how to shift your reality and create greater love, consciousness and empowerment now! 

Jessica Encell Coleman is a Love Activist, Play Enthusiast, and Joy Specialist. She has led over 1,300 participants through her workshop, The Magic of Human Connection in this past year alone and teaches individuals, couples and teams how to activate extraordinary levels of love, joy and connection. She works with a handful of private clients and teaches them how to bring this magic energy into their lives and collaborates with progressive companies to optimize the connection in their team's culture.

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Thrive in Spirit

Christopher Parnell

Sound/Energy Healing

Christopher has a deep passion for life and respect for the indigenous healers and teachers that initiated him with their profound wisdom and compassion. Shortly after his initiation, he began his own healing journey, deeply connecting with these ancient healing sounds that continue to inspire, transform and transcend his life. Christopher’s group and individual sessions are created with loving intentions that will take you on a heart journey.


Christopher’s passion for the healing tones of the Didgeridoo/Mayan Trumpet has inspired him to craft his own and share them worldwide with the intention of connecting people with the Sacredness of their own breath and heart. His materials vary from reclaimed hardwoods to yucca/agave and are infused with crystals and metals to enhance the healing benefits of these Sacred instruments.

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Kabbalistic Palm reading

Aaron Kemp

Aaron Kemp is the foremost kabbalistic palm reader in the world... your mind WILL be blown!!!





Experience the Powerful Benefits of Laughter in Just a Few Minutes per Day.

73 years ago Norman Cousins locked himself in a room and cured his own cancer through laughter…..

Today, we know the AWESOME benefits of laughter!

  • Endorphines

  • Reduced Stress

  • Improved Relationships

But you don’t need research to tell you that!

Think of the last time you laughed.

Can you remember the last time you laughed so hard you wanted to pee?

Can you recall the BIGGEST LAUGH of your entire laugh?

How does THAT feel?!


This course contains over 3 hours of content broken into 40 videos. In it you will learn everything you need to know to become a certified Laughter Meditation (GeloYoga) facilitator.

If you’ve ever been curious about Laughter Yoga, Meditation, the Science of Laughter or wanted to find a way to add it into your existing practice, you’ve come to the right place! this is the only self-paced home-study Laughter Meditation certification training in the world.

Course Includes

  • 40 Video Modules spanning 3 Hours of Content

  • The most important Laughter Meditation theory, principles, and practices

  • Techniques for leading yourself and others through Laughter Meditation exercises

  • “Homework” for how to strengthen your practice or how your students can strengthen their own practice

  • Lifetime access to this content (including updates and future additional content)

Transform your life & your career by becoming a Certified Laughter Meditation teacher today!


VALUE: $350

Laughter Meditation Certification

VALUE: $1,500


Entire Course + Certification

Purchase This Course Now:



What is Laughter Science?

Laughter is an evolutionary tool that helps humans and animals develop. It is being rigorously studied in the lab and in social experiments. More recently, groups around the world have been using laughter as a form of therapy and emotional training. 

Laughter has been around as long as there was a limbic system. Laughing and crying are opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. Laughing isn't just physically beneficial, it has many emotional and spiritual implications as well. 

Meet Your Instructor:


Watch Indy Rishi on MTV with Spencer Pratt

Indy Rishi Singh is a wellbeing engineer, integrating Eastern and Western modalities of health and science to learn the secrets of long life, happiness and personal evolution. He has studied with accomplished psychiatrists, yogis, scientists, Gurus, academic researchers, shamans, and renowned storytellers. 

Indy Rishi Singh graduated from UC Davis and went to medical school in St. George's University in Grenada. Throughout school he struggled with a chronic illness, unable to mediate it using allopathic methods. Eventually he resorted to Ayurveda. Within months he was fully recovered. Indy Rishi Singh left medical school and began a career in education while building knowledge and certifications in Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy, and Yoga (Kriya, Hatha, Kundalini, Jnana, Karma). Since then, he has worked with production studios on media projects, facilitated wellness trainings at Fortune 500 companies and is currently developing interactive wellbeing experiences. 

"I love to learn. I look up to people like Nikola Tesla, Jefferson, Nanak, Ben Franklin, Tagore, da Vinci, and others like them. I'm interested in solving problems. All problems have solutions - some require the right combinations of ingredients, wisdom, direction, resources and execution. I enjoy the process, the teamwork, and the elements that help solve problems."

Laugh Into Success

Digital Course

Laughter Science is a study into the benefits and uses of laughter in both our personal lives and our professional lives. Laughter Science can change the way we operate in the world. It is a method to live happier, and to spread that kind of happiness without forcing any ideology. 

  • Unprecedented access to Laughter Science & Meditation training

  • This Self-Paced Home Study Certification Program means you can earn your certification on your own time.

  • Lead Laughter Meditation classes or incorporate Laughter Science directly into your existing practice.

  • Start transforming your life and the lives of others through laughter!






Indy brought two hours of pure joy to our last offsite. We knew laughing was fun, but we had no idea how important it is to our health or that we can actually change our brain chemistry with laughter. I highly recommend Indy for your next company outing. The more uptight your company, the more you need his magic. It's fun and unexpected and weird in all the right ways.

Joe Burton

Founder and CEO, Whil

Former president of Headspace


Indy's laughter yoga is a truly life changing experience! Something I recommend everyone MUST try. I had the pleasure of working with the incredibly charismatic Indy Rishi for our company anniversary party where he taught his unique laughter class for our group of 450+. He's a wonderful teacher who explains the science and benefits of laughter and gives you tools for incorporating more laughter in your daily life. He has a fun and whimsical style that can turn even the most skeptical person in to a fan. Cannot wait to work with him again!


Aryn Dimas

Senior Experiential Producer

72 and Sunny

Global Advertising Agency



Indy Rishi was kind enough to share his gift with our clients at Turning Point (OPCC). Turning Point is a transitional housing facility with those suffering from severe mental illnesses and substance abuse. These are people that need love and laughter desperately! And that is exactly what Indy brought to them.


Kate Berman

Volunteer Relationships, Senior Officer

The People Concern, OPCC




Indy Rishi Singh is one of those magical, light-full beings that cannot help but bring a smile on your face. Through laughter yoga and iLiving he enables his groups to let go and find that inner child who is without limitations and full of inspiration. He gives space to allow you to be and to discover who you really are. It enables teamwork and positive communication in a way that no amount of discussion will do. He is a ray of light that dispels the darkness.


Lucy Guest

President of Yoga Mission

Former Investment Banker with Bank of London